Web-server comparison

Once I asked myself: which of the available server architectures should I use to build a new service on the network? My skills allowed me to work with multiple web servers simultaneously, but which one was the most suitable?

To find the answer to this question, I developed a load testing service and conducted tests on several server architectures to compare them and evaluate their performance under load.

Next, I implemented primitive file servers based on each architecture and deployed them on a clean setup. For testing purposes, I used the same VDS (CentOS 7.6.1810, 1x2.2Hz, 0.5gb RAM), and here are the results:

Java Server



Node.js Server



Node.js Express


Java Spring, к сожалению, не прошел результаты нагрузочного тестирования. Возможно я сделал что-то не так, или ресурсов VDS было недостаточно, но сервер просто отказывался работать под нагрузкой дольше минуты.

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