Neural Art Therapy

I want to share a technique I've developed while working with neural networks. This time it's about psychology (Art therapy). The essence of it is that we first generate as many images as possible that capture the context of the most pleasant emotions, and compile them into a video sequence for a digital frame. Then we express all the trauma in the form of caricatured pictures and forget about it. But in this way, I "indexed" the top 100 memories, so to speak, and even used them as a screensaver in a digital frame in my kitchen so that the most valuable memories are always within immediate layers of memory, while traumatic and uncomfortable ones fade away.

I also asked another neural network to describe the methodology in machine language, and here's what I got: "Neural art therapy is a treatment method that uses art and brain plasticity to improve mental health. This method combines techniques from art therapy and machine learning technologies, such as neural networks, to analyze and interpret patients' creative works."

In my case, I generated 100 drawings depicting memories of sensations in the context of different places, merged into one video sequence (frame interpolation). It turned out that working with a neural network like this is very exhausting because it can take up to 10 or even 20 iterations just to get one drawing right. I simply named the resulting art piece "All One Hundred."


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