Dimensions of reality

I have a metaphysical concept of multidimensional space that I would like to share with you.


One-dimensional space.

The only thing that determines the position of an object is its distance from zero.



Two-dimensional space.

A familiar and understandable image where the position of each point is determined by just two coordinates.



Three-dimensional space.

Material objects are most conveniently described in a three-dimensional plane. It is the most intuitive concept of physical space.



Four-dimensional space.

Теперь к привычной нам 3 мерной проекции реальности добавим еще измерение: время. В каждый отдельный момент времени
перед нами предстает 3х мерная проекция реальности, растянутая по времени от начала до условной бесконечности (K).



Пятимерное пространство.

Quantum physics introduces the concept of superposition, where measurement determines the properties of the observed object. In this case, one can imagine that all possible variations of quantum uncertainty occur simultaneously when transitioning out of superposition. As a result, we can only determine the position of an object within the context of a sequence of quantum observations, thus allowing each moment in time to potentially contain an infinite number of alternative chains of reality. This can be seen as another form of multiple measurements.



Six-dimensional space.

To understand this model, we need to consider that not only the observed object but also the observer is in a state of superposition. This can be easily understood through the analogy of a multiplayer game, where each player has their own avatar, which already exists in a conditional five-dimensional space (x, y, z, time, and a unique sequence). Hence, if we imagine the totality of all carriers of consciousness and assume that consciousness and the carrier are not always interconnected, it follows that the phenomenon is also variable and can serve as another measure of dimensionality.


Seven-dimensional space.

And now imagine that you are playing a multiplayer game where you constantly have a simultaneous awareness of everything. The seven-dimensional space is best understood as six-dimensional, with the consideration that observers perceive themselves as part of a whole rather than isolated units from a hypothetically infinite sample.


Eight-dimensional space.

It currently lies beyond my understanding.

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