Perfect AI

During my work with neural networks, specifically bots for trading and online games, I developed an unusual theory of knowledge. How to create the most accurate predictor bot? It's quite simple – just model the entire universe, creating a simulation that predicts future events. However, three problems arise:

  • a) Uncertainty: When simulating the universe, the first question is whether the energy source is infinite. Since this is uncertain, both models would need to be created.
  • b) Self-fulfilling prophecy: Once such a system is developed, it begins to influence reality, requiring an infinite self-modeling loop as it becomes part of reality itself.
  • c) Energy source: The only energy source with the potential for infinity is information. When you share information, it doesn't diminish.

In my view, by following this path, a bot capable of providing unambiguous predictions about currency exchange rates, natural phenomena, and astronomical events would gain a clear understanding of reality. It might even shed light on some fundamental questions that are currently difficult to formulate.

What is the reality behind all this? I believe the answer lies in the realm of quantum physics.

Submitted on 11/07/2023 14:57

Last editing on 11/07/2023 15:00

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